Adventure treks in Nepal

Resting on the lap of the great snow clad Himalayas, Nepal is a small yet a big country, retaining its culturally rich identity amidst India and China.

A mystical land of mega proportions, jeweled with yaks and yeti’s, stupa’s and Sherpa’s, temples and palaces, Nepal historically has been a thriving kingdom and today she is honored with “one of the must see destinations” of the world. Nepal moreover, is a boon for trekkers as it offers them trails through the most diversified landscape, people, culture and much more.

With breath-taking, stunning views of the world’s highest peaks, mesmerizing mountain passes, glaciers the trekkers indeed achieve zenith within themselves! With a silver shine upon the country and the world, Nepal is the ultimate destination for trekkers.

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Along with trekking, domestic and international tourists have been enjoying the very popular adventure sports like cannoning in hundreds of beautiful high altitude snow streams, rafting and kayaking in the gushing white water rivers and mountaineering expeditions at the pinnacle of the world!

The attractions doesn’t end here, as the magnetic mushy green forests and the residing wildlife doesn’t fail to amuse our tourists on one hand, and on the other hand the rich architecture of Kathmandu valley, living gods and goddess, lively festivals adds color to your vacations in such a way that you start planning your next visit to Nepal!


The seasons of Nepal are extremely important for any trekker. In the deep of the winter the mountainous regions are very cold, and the snow and other factors make climbing and trekking extremely difficult. Trekking in Nepal has been divided into two seasons, namely;

Just as the worst of the winter passes, a Hindu festival, Basanta Panchami marks the beginning of Spring. Typically, Spring starts, in March and holds till the end of May. Trekking at this time, provides an unparalleled view of the  beautiful flowers that cover the hills leading to the mountainous parts of  Nepal.

Autumn or Fall, is the most popular trekking season. Just after the summer and the passing of the monsoon, this season, boasts, warm but not hot sun rays and clear skies, which provide trekkers with breath taking views and magnificent sunsets. The autumn trekking season starts in mid September and holds till the end of November after which it is deemed to cold to go on treks.